Resilient Leadership Coaching & Consulting

The journey stretches before you…rugged, at times uncertain, yet packed with potential. Where are you headed? What new mindset, skills, or capacities do you need to succeed?

And how can you find the time and energy to even think about it?


I work with leaders and emerging leaders who want to have greater impact in their daily work and through their teams for the good of the world.

With a background of 30 years in anthropology, organization effectiveness, and human development, I’ve helped people step onto bigger stages, build their authentic presence and influence, address their blind spots, examine their assumptions, redefine their roles, address dysfunctional work relationships, polish their communication skills, and wrestle with what they want to do next.  

I chose Resilience as the theme for my practice because it’s a container big enough to hold real life, both the hitting-the-wall part and the getting-back-up-and-learning-from-it part.

It is this up-and-down process of life itself that is the most powerful catalyst we have for learning. Just as interval training is a best practice for world class athletes, the cycle of adversity and recovery, like a fast sprint followed by deep rest, helps us to stretch, to build our capacity, to update the way we look at what it means to contribute, but without always putting our well-being dead last.

Your real-time circumstances are your best laboratory for learning how to do your best work in a way that’s sustainable. That’s where the things that worked so well to get you this far show up. Over time these approaches, routines, and thought habits for success no longer fit your more complex roles and begin to push you out of balance. If you’re reading this, you’re probably sensing that it may be time for a thoughtful  update of your success ‘operating system’.

Coaching focuses on your most daunting challenges and important professional goals and helps you discern what it is you’re doing that is accelerating or hindering the progress of you and your team. Together you and I will collect data, design experiments with new practices, and increase your ability to self-correct.

The special kind of conversation that is coaching is an accelerator. Human beings today are constantly interrupted, leading to a nervous system that feels overwhelmed. We sometimes need someone to help us quiet down, zero in on what’s tangled, and then reconnect the wires in new ways. Having a compassionate change partner who can see how gifted you are, who will ask you the questions you’re too close to see, and who will – with your permission- keep you accountable, will save you time and energy.

A trained, compassionate thought partner can make all the difference.

Contact me for a free initial session at or 240-446-8884.