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“Over the past six months, I had the honor of being professionally coached by Linda Bidlack.  I found her skills nothing short of remarkable.


She provoked me to discern insights into certain behaviors that do not serve me, even though I have held onto them for years.  Many times during our sessions, I spoke in a stream-of-consciousness manner, seemingly without direction; yet Linda was able to distill the essence of my issue and ask me probing questions to guide me back onto my course.  She served as a sage sounding board as I discussed my concerns and showed me tools that I didn’t realize I had at my disposal, all the while exhibiting her own considerable toolkit.  In addition, I appreciated her sense of humor and the sheer joy of working with her.


Being coached by Linda is one of the most beneficial endeavors that I have experienced in my career of almost 30 years.  It is important to me that I can have someone with whom I can speak openly, free of judgement; I always knew that she was on my side.  I highly recommend Linda Bidlack as a coach to anyone who seeks self-knowledge and growth.”

David McGurk, Center Director, Federal Agency

“Linda Bidlack gets my highest recommendation as an executive coach and mentor. Her unique ability to recognize, and explain complex interpersonal relationships have revolutionized my thinking, and most importantly, my actions. Along the way there have been surprising (and sometimes painful) personal realizations, but Linda’s mentoring continues to make me a better person every day, both at work and at home. Linda did not hesitate to tactfully, but directly point out areas that needed to be considered a different way, and proved to be right 100% of the time with her observations, opinions, and suggestions. Linda helped me to focus on becoming a transformational leader of change, a journey that I will continue to purse for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their leadership from the inside, out!”

Melvin Brown III, Senior Advisor, Presidential Transition Office at U.S. Department of Homeland Security

“My coaching experience with Linda was the best professional gift I’ve ever been given. She is an amazing listener and observer with incredible insights into people. She helped me to recognize and articulate things that were holding me back, giving me a newfound clarity – and then she gave me the tools to address them. Each session was different – guided by what I needed most at the time. It could range from discussing a leadership book we were reading together or debriefing about a situation I could have handled differently, to role playing to prepare me for an upcoming challenge. Other sessions focused on learning new techniques to reframe my thought patterns or shift my presence through body language. As the weeks went on, I could feel a boost in my confidence as I started to see positive results from putting the skills and concepts she taught me to use.


In order to fully benefit from the coaching experience, one needs to embrace it and be willing to be vulnerable — to share your insecurities and weaknesses. From day one I felt a connection with Linda and knew I would be “safe” with her and that she was on my side. She is warm, kind, supportive, and incredibly knowledgeable – a true joy to work with! She doesn’t judge and never tried to turn me into somebody I wasn’t. She was a wonderfully encouraging cheerleader when I needed that the most, and I know she will always be rooting for me. She has helped me to become a better version of myself while staying true to who I am, for which I am eternally grateful.”

J.H., Director of Communications, International Nonprofit Organization

“Linda’s coaching is like going on a journey with an experienced and skilled guide to a far-away mountain that you have labored to get to for many years but have been frustrated by your efforts. Maybe you have plotted/planned/trained for the journey but somehow kept getting in your own way. You can see the peak. It haunts you because it looks so close and attainable, but you can’t get there.

Linda…helps you navigate your way to top of the mountain. She helps you to see obstacles you have put in your own way, to move around people and situations that obstruct your path and obscure your view. She gives you a firm push when you need it, or a supportive arm around your back, or a rest stop, or permission to go back down the path and try to take another stab from another direction. Through it all, she believes in your ability to transcend/ascend even when you don’t.

Then when the peak is close by and you are giddy in anticipation, she says: “Ok, little grasshopper, you are on your own, now.” And you say: “No, no, I can’t possibly get there by myself.” And she just smiles and starts to slowly descend down the mountain. You are paralyzed for a while, then you look down the mountain path to see that Linda is now barely visible. You then look up to the top of the mountain and say: “Oh, what the (heck).” You then put one foot in front of the other and keep climbing — confident that you have achieved the skills to make it to the top eventually and the patience to bear the journey in the meantime.”

Beth, Executive Director, non-profit founder

“Working with you was monumental!”

BE, HR Director

“I highly recommend Linda as an executive coach after my experience with her over an 8-month period under the auspices of the American University Key Executive Leadership Certificate Program. As my coach, Linda identified areas for improvement and discussed options for working on them. She helped me improve my interpersonal relations and communications skills by showing me constructive exercises that I then practiced between our coaching sessions. Linda’s enthusiastic, supportive, and positive style made it a joy to work with her. I greatly benefited from her insights and suggestions that I continue to apply. Linda is the ideal professional coach!:

David Daley, Civil Servant at DoD Security Review

“Coaching at first was uneasy for me. Once I got over that and having the time scheduled, our conversations became part of a routine and the conversations made me accountable. Our conversations and your coaching examples of what I was feeling were often “spot on”. It was like you were in my head! I listened to everything you asked of me and I tried all the ideas at one point. I was discovering so many new things; I didn’t want to miss doing something. I was in such a place of discovery and I learned so much about who I am, all along the way gaining confidence in my abilities.”

BN, Director, Consumer Products Strategist

“Best presentation among many good ones.” “Most enjoyable speaker of the conference!” “Good pace and style; ‘Ponderables’ were great.” “Because Linda’s presentation was so good, I’m staying for “New Rules, New Roles”. “Fascinating information and good audience involvement.” “Great resources provided and up-to-date.” “Enlightening.” “Lively!” Attendees at ‘The Gamer Generation”, “Managing Other Generations”, and “New Rules, New Roles”, at national LERN Annual Conference on Lifelong Learning, Baltimore, MD.

“Linda was a life saver for me. Out of work for the first time in over 25 years and not really knowing what to do, she got me organized, in a positive frame of mind and made me aware of how much I could benefit an organization. Her coaching narrowed my search list, and with a little practice, I was convincing in interviews. In the end, after only a few months, I landed the biggest job of my life. The expert way she coached me through the difficult times – when it seemed nothing would work, was priceless. I am more more than appreciative of her patience and experience and would recommend her highly. Thank you Linda!”

Tom Sites, Hospitality Executive, Chicago, IL

“I was thrilled to have the chance to work with Linda – to gain her insight into how my unique leadership style could become even more effective simply by being a better observer.”

Lori, Executive Director, American Red Cross

“I needed to move from “analysis paralysis” to intentional and dramatic implementation and results for myself and my team. This coaching approach has produced significant, dramatic and expedient results for both.”

AJ, Director of Groups, Leadership, and Events, International Non-Profit Organization

“Having known Linda for 25 years, I never cease to be inspired by her commitment to her profession, her insights into human nature and her dedication to helping organizations and individuals excel…I am a better consultant and human being for having worked with her.”

Mike Lisagor, Owner, Celerity Works

“… Linda is a joy to work with — knowledgable, creative, fun, sincere and caring.”

Don Peterson, Owner, Signature Coaching & Consulting

“Linda is a highly skilled senior consultant, actively working with Strategic Partners, Inc. (SPI). She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to SPI. As a project manager…she continues to successfully integrate relevant solutions into all aspects of talent management. Her work ethic and commitment to quality is equal to none. You can count on her to customize and implement high quality training programs that receive the highest reviews from both the clients and colleagues. Linda’s professionalism and dedication continue to impress…She will give 100% and always exceed expectations.”

Ken Boxer, Former President, Strategic Partners, Inc.

“Linda is an excellent and discerning listener, who is able to perceive where the client wants to go (regardless of whether the client is self-aware). She encourages and brings out the client’s best gifts and talents, without imposing a direction of her own. She was a huge help to me during a time of major vocational transition.”

Rev Dr. Nina George-Hacker

“As a result of my employee’s participation in the sessions with Linda, her work improved dramatically.”

Manager, Department of Commerce